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Mobile Optimisation

Creating fast and amazing mobile websites.

I’m Paul and I optimise websites for mobile phones. Fast loading, easy to use websites on any smartphone, tablet or laptop are the future of web. I specialise in mobile web design, web testing and optimisation for mobile devices using PHP, HTML and CSS coding. I’m also working as a freelance CSS developer and an SEO expert.

How We Work:

Mobile Web Design

Testing & Optimisation

We optimise your website to be 100% Mobile-Ready and SEO-Ready!

Instant loading of your website even on slow 3g connections.

Mobile Optimisation - Our Portfolio

Mobile Web Design Services

We provide mobile web design services in the UK. Our work is divided into 3 parts:

1. Mobile Web Design

Creation of your mobile-ready website.
Development of the responsive site for all devices including mobile and desktop devices. We will create your WordPress site with CSS and PHP.

2. Mobile Web Testing

Testing the mobile-ready website on most popular mobile phones (smartphones) of this year and of the last years. Testing on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

3. Mobile Web Optimisation

Responsive optimisation for all popular mobile phones (smartphones) using CSS, HTML and PHP. To make sure that all website features and details are visible from any device.

Everyone Uses A Phone to Visit Websites

Nowadays almost everyone uses the mobile phone to visit websites. An amazing, mobile-ready website may help you get in front of your competitors!


Why Us?

“Google Mobile-First Indexing” Ready Projects! The Mobile-First Indexing is a new Google Search Algorithm that basically gives priority to the mobile content indexing of a website versus it’s desktop content.

We’re Mobile Web Design Experts. Get in touch with us and have an expertly developed mobile ready website, visible from all devices. Having a mobile ready website is in some many ways better than having an smartphone app which is very limited.

We’re WordPress Specialists. We are a team of Expert WordPress Specialists with decades of WP coding. We specialise in fixing the WP PHP and CSS code and in reducing the total amount of code versus the text. Our goal is to develop a mobile website for a more reliable, error free, faster site. Further more we are concentrating on creating a bespoke WordPress website with less plugins and better PHP code to achieve amazing results.

We’re CSS Specialists. Our main CSS specialist is a CSS pioneer and has the ability to build almost every shape or design with just CSS. Having the ability to use CSS to build a mobile website (responsive) site means a better design and flexibility and less PHP code. The result is a faster and more reliable site. Our CSS specialist has fixed impossible CSS bugs and has helped in building international web projects.

We’re SEO Specialists. We are a coming from an SEO background. Before building mobile websites we used to offer complete SEO services so we now what we are talking about when it comes to an SEO optimal site. With us you will receive a final product (website) that is also optimised for SEO. This has real benefits in your site’s Google search ranking.


Why Mobile Web Design

The battle between mobile and desktop devices has been won by the mobile devices 2 years ago . For the first time in the existence of internet, the web traffic coming from mobile (smartphones and tablets) was higher than the desktop PCs traffic.

A new era was born, the era of mobile ready websites. The most popular device to view a website from is no longer the desktop PC but the mobile phone.

Mobile-ready(responsive) websites, Versus Apps. A Mobile App requires installation and is limited to just one operating system, but a standalone mobile ready website can be visited from any device, any browser, at any time and still look amazing. 

Having a mobile ready website is in some many ways better than having an smartphone app which is very limited. 

A mobile website is always cheaper to build than developing an app. Sometimes, an app can get to cost 10x to 100x times more than a mobile website that offers the same functionalities. It’s hard to understand why everybody has got this wrong and they still go for an app, when a mobile website is the jackpot to their online business success.

Our Testimonials

Paul helped us get a better website for cellphones. We had an increase in bookings and orders from our website.
Amelia W.
I highly recommend Paul for fixing CLS issues on your website.
Daniel S.

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