How was Mobileart born and will it help SEO?

Mobileart was born with a simple idea in mind: to offer a versatile, affordable mobile ready website creation service with an extensive mobile optimisation and testing in all the popular mobile devices. Our service was created to be used by potentially every business owner.

We decided to sell our popular mobile web design service to a lot of people (by using affordable prices) rather than to sell it to a few with expensive prices.

Why was Mobileart born

Back in 2000’s (I just realised it’s almost 20 years ago…) me and my brother we started with a London SEO agency offering natural ranking increase in Google search results. But as years have passed Google changed it’s algorithms in the favour of the mobile website design.

We had more and more SEO projects that only required a re-design, or the creation of a mobile ready web design.

So we decided to offer the mobile web design service independently since we where already doing it for a long time.